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24th May 2024

The power of visualisation – think your goals to fruition

Niamh Ryan

We’ve all read about visualisation online, but does it really work?

Being in your early twenties is scary – for the first time ever I feel as though I’m completely responsible for my own life.

Which made me wonder, what do I want to do with my life?

Recently I’ve been thinking about my future, the goals I want to achieve – and I think I’ve found the way to do it.

The act of visualisation

According to The Fearless Nomad, “Everything material and non material in our world is made out of energy which vibrates at different frequencies.

“We have the innate ability to attract and repel everything that we come into contact with in our environment.”

The belief behind this is that our world revolves around attraction due to this energy. Visualisation therefore works by allowing us to act as a “human magnet” and choose what energy we draw into our lives.

Visualisation is the act of imagining and thinking about your goals coming to fruition. While it may seem a bit airy fairy, there is a science to it.

Contrary to popular belief, manifestation is not something we came up with while bored during lockdown. In fact, many famous athletes and celebrities have cited visualisation as a technique for success.

Muhammad Ali even had a famous quote about it: “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

Getting started

Sit in a relaxing and comfortable space and try to clear your mind

Visualise your goal – it could be getting a new job, growing your hair out, or travelling abroad.

Imagine the steps needed to complete the goal – walking into the interview room, developing a hair care routine, saving up money for your trip.

Try to imagine the physical senses involved in these steps. For example, shaking hands at the end of the interview, the smell of the shampoo, seeing the numbers increase in your bank account.

Believing in your goal is the most important part of visualisation. Although it sounds impossible, you have to be willing to let go of any doubts that you won’t achieve your goal.

Vision boards

If you’re not into meditation, vision boards are another great way to manifest your goals.

They can be made with a physical board and cut outs from magazines, newspapers, and posters.

By going through physical magazines and actively searching for the right material, we’re becoming even more in tune with our goals.

However, if you don’t have the time to cut and paste in real life, an app like Pinterest is the perfect place for you.

You can make separate boards for all different aspects of your life: your dream career, holidays you want to go on, the personal style you want to cultivate.

The options are truly endless, and you can organise your different goals into separate folders.

Some people even set their lock screen to display their vision board so they look at it daily, consciously and subconsciously. You can also place a physical reminder by your bathroom mirror or your fridge so you’re constantly seeing your dreams in real life.

Moving forward, visualisation is something I plan to practice to help achieve my goals, no matter how big or small.