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17th Jun 2024

Four signs that will be affected by the Strawberry Full Moon

Niamh Ryan

Friday June 21st marks another Full Moon, this time it’s known as the Strawberry Moon

The name comes from the wild strawberries that Native Americans would gather in the month of June.

Despite the name, the moon won’t be red or pink, but may have a yellow hue.

June 21st also marks the summer solstice and the official start of summer season.

The solstice and the Strawberry Moon only coincide every 20 years, making this moon even more of a special occasion.

What does the Full Moon mean?

Full moons are an ideal time for reflection and gratitude. The moon phase represents cycles coming to a close, allowing us to prepare for our next journey.

Many use this time to focus on their goals and aspirations in life.

Experts recommend taking the time to journal our thoughts and feelings and focus on our gratitude.

This month’s full moon is also the first of two back-to-back full moons in Capricorn, which is particularly rare.

Who will be most affected?

As the full moon is in Capricorn this month, Capricorns are expected to experience a positive period in their life.

Capricorns can expect to reach a big life goal and start to see their life align all at once.

Taurus, another earth sign, will be impacted by the full moon.

Taurus should focus on potential summer adventures and holiday plans, as well as any education opportunities.

This time is a perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and welcome curiosity.

Leo is another sign that will be particularly busy during this time.

They may be moving houses, changing jobs, or working on a time consuming project.

It’s important to remember to have a work-life balance to prevent burn out during this potentially stressful time.

Pisces will also be a busy sign this full moon in terms of friendship and socialising. This water sign will benefit from networking and meeting new people in social settings. Friends may even help Pisces reach milestones and long term aspirations.