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22nd May 2024

‘It’s time for trolls to leave Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian alone’

Kat O'Connor

Arthur Gourounlian has spoken out about the abuse they face

Arthur Gourounlian and Brian Dowling have been documenting their lives as parents online, but it has been met with waves of online abuse.

The dads welcomed their daughter Blake via surrogacy in September 2022 and they’re set to welcome another child into their family in the coming weeks.

It should be a joyous time for the dads, but they’ve been hit with such harsh and uncalled for abuse.

Brian and Arthur are incredible parents and are raising Blake in a warm and safe home so why do so many people feel the need to be so horrible to them?

Arthur recently spoke out about the trolls in an interview with Ireland AM:

“People saying it’s wrong; why should we do surrogacy; it’s incest. Educate yourself to understand what’s happening.”

Brian’s sister Aoife is being their surrogate again and their second child is due in the coming weeks.

However, the dads chose to keep this pregnancy offline as much as possible because of the abuse they faced when Aoife was carrying their daughter Blake.

Arthur Gourounlian stressed: “It’s nothing to do with Aoife — she’s helping us.”

Arthur and Brian have been able to handle the abuse, but why should they have to put up with it?

Surely more needs to be done to protect people from trolls online.

Why can’t people let them raise their children in peace? What do trolls actually gain from spreading such negative and hurtful messages online?

People like Brian and Arthur are simply trying to raise their family and can’t even do that without being ridiculed.

As Arthur perfectly put it, they need to educate themselves and realise that the dads aren’t the problem, but the trolls are.