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13th Mar 2024

Brian Dowling gets emotional as he opens up about baby #2

Kat O'Connor

Brian Dowling and his husband Arthur are expecting another child together

Everyone was thrilled to hear that Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian are expecting their second child together.

The dads confirmed the news over the weekend, but Brian has since opened up about their special news.

The soon-to-be dad-of-two couldn’t help but get emotional as he discussed his growing family.

During The Six O’Clock Show, Dowling fought back the tears as he opened up about their second child.

Brian’s sister Aoife has offered to be a surrogate for their second child. She was also a surrogate for their baby girl Blake.

“I don’t want to get upset, I’m not being emotional about this. I’m going to be a dad of two kids,” Brian shared.

He admitted he cannot wait to become a dad-of-two.

“We are so excited. We can’t believe that we’re blessed again, and Blake is going to be the best big sister,” he gushed.

“I’m going to be a dad of two kids under two,” Dowling added.

Earlier this week, Brian and Arthur confirmed Aoife would be their surrogate again.

His sister has been heaped with praise for making their wish come true again.

Speaking about his sister-in-law, Arthur said Aoife has moved in with him and Brian.

“It’s been absolutely amazing and she has been just incredible. She moved in with us and has a room with us,” he shared.

Brian and Arthur’s second child is due to be born in the summertime.

We couldn’t be happier for the dads.