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12th Mar 2024

Brian Dowling’s sister Aoife praised for being their surrogate again

Kat O'Connor

Brian Dowling and his husband Arthur are expecting their second child

Presenter, Brian Dowling and his husband Arthur have confirmed Brian’s sister Aoife will be their surrogate again.

Over the weekend, the dads confirmed they were expecting their second child this summer.

Brian and Arthur are overjoyed about their growing family and praised Aoife for making their wish come true again.

Arthur opened up about their family in an interview with the RTÉ Guide podcast.

He confirmed that Aoife has moved into his and Brian’s family home after she offered to be their surrogate again.

He said: “Aoife has been absolutely incredible. From day one she knew we wanted siblings for Blake so yeah it’s Aoife.”

Arthur explained that Aoife offered to help again because she knew they always wanted Blake to have siblings.

“When she came to us and said I really want to do it and help again… we were like ‘are you serious? Are you sure? ‘ And she said yes.

“It’s been absolutely amazing and she has been just incredible. She moved in with us and has a room with us,” Arthur added.

Aoife acted as surrogate for Brian and Arthur’s first child. Their baby girl Blake was born in September 2022.

Confirming their joyous news over the weekend, the dads posted a photo of their daughter wearing a ‘big sister’ jumper.

Arthur confirmed that their baby is due this summer.

“She’s (Aoife) 23 weeks. Due in June, July,” he revealed.

We couldn’t be happier for Arthur and Brian. What an exciting time for their family.