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21st May 2024

‘PJ Gallagher’s mental health honesty is exactly what this country needs’

Kat O'Connor

PJ Gallagher is making a difference by simply being honest

The public has been praising comedian and radio host PJ Gallagher following the release of his documentary Changing My Mind.

Gallagher is someone I’ve really admired in recent years and it’s because he’s so incredibly honest about his mental health.

In his documentary, Gallagher admits that he wouldn’t be alive today if he hadn’t sought mental health support when he did.

He has been incredibly honest about his time in St Patrick’s Hospital and has continued to raise vital awareness by simply sharing his story.

It may not seem like a lot but simply talking about our mental health struggles can make the biggest difference. That honesty can help people get through the day because it makes them feel less alone.

As someone who has struggled with mental health issues for most of her twenties, hearing someone like PJ Gallagher be so incredibly honest about it was reassuring.

“Once you tell one person it becomes easier to tell two”

He is someone my parents listen to on the radio, he’s a well-known face and someone we’re very familiar with, but he’s also just human. He’s got issues like thousands of other people on this island but is using his platform to normalise them.

PJ’s honesty is helping others open up, it’s helping many feel understood, and most importantly, it’s making many of us feel less alone in our struggles.

In an interview with RTÉ, Gallagher said telling people about your issues is the hardest, but most worthy step.

“Once you tell one person it becomes easier to tell two, when you’ve told 10 it starts to feel easier to tell 20. Then the next thing you know, you’re on The Late Late Show, wondering if you should have said anything at all!”

Viewers have been praising PJ following the documentary with many agreeing he’s going to make an incredibly worthwhile difference in Ireland.

One said, “Incredible to see where he is now in life when it could have been so different if he hadn’t gotten help. This stuck with me: “I didn’t nearly die from depression, I nearly died of shame.”

“You don’t know how many people you will help by doing this,” another said.

“We need more people like you to share their experiences of mental health struggles. It’s a tough battle when suffering & seeing no light ahead,” another added.

We need people like PJ Gallagher to help strip away the stigma attached to mental health illness. He has stressed that he isn’t a mental health professional but he’s someone who has faced immense and overwhelming issues and overcome them.

PJ is a source of hope for those of us who live with mental health issues and Ireland should be incredibly proud of him.



PJ Gallagher