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21st Jun 2024

The meaning behind Emily Atack’s baby boy’s unique name

Kat O'Connor

Emily Atack is officially a mum

This week, actress Emily Atack welcomed her first child into the world.

The mum announced the arrival of her healthy baby boy on Instagram on June 20th.

She confirmed she gave birth to a son and even revealed her newborn’s name in the post.

Alongside a black and white photo of her and her baby boy, Emily wrote: “We have a beautiful son. Barney James Garner. All my dreams have come true.”

Emily decided to call her baby boy Barney, a unique choice but an adorable moniker nonetheless.

We’re always fascinated by the meaning behind someone’s name so we had to look into this charming moniker.

There’s a reason why Emily wanted to name her little boy Barney and it’s because of the sweet meaning.

According to experts, the moniker means ‘as strong as a bear’.

How cute!

Barney may not be as common as it used to be, and sure it may remind some people of the purple dinosaur but the moniker is growing in popularity.

The Bump reports, “Back when the Normans migrated to England, the Old German word bern combined with hart, forming the more whimsical Beornheard. This timeless pick has been capturing hearts ever since.”

What do you think of the name Barney? Discovering the meaning has changed our opinion of it.