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21st Jun 2024

Theory about the house from The Notebook has shocked fans

Niamh Ryan

The Notebook may be one of the most romantic films of all time, and fans are still talking about it even 20 years on.

If you’ve seen The Notebook, you know Ryan Gosling’s character Noah builds Allie (played by Rachel McAdams) her dream house. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture that fans adore about the movie.

However, one TikTok creator suggested a new theory about the house, which has blown people’s minds.

As we know, at the end of the film we skip forward to Noah and Allie in later life where Allie is living in a nursing home.

The creator suggested that the house Noah builds actually ends up being the nursing home that he visits her in.

“I have watched The Notebook an EMBARRASSING amount of times and JUST found this out today,” she captioned the post.

Most people in the comments immediately began questioning themselves and wondered how they didn’t notice the detail before.

However, one user quickly pointed out the inaccuracy of the theory:

“It’s not the same house. In a deleted scene he gifts the house to his kids.”

So, even if the theory has been debunked, it certainly doesn’t take away from the romance of the film.

I think this calls for another rewatch!