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21st May 2024

Ten questions you should ask yourself before moving in with your partner

Sophie Collins

moving in together

Moving in together marks a significant milestone in any relationship

However, financial matters can sometimes emerge as a primary source of tension. 

From discussions about things you can afford to conflicts over household chores and social lives, maintaining open communication is crucial for a smooth transition into shared living. 

Recognising this need, Hodge has introduced the ‘Financial Compatibility Test’ to help couples better prepare for living together for the first time.

In today’s society, the dynamics of household roles have changed so much. 

Gone are the days when one partner typically took on the role of the sole breadwinner. 

Modern couples need to be ready to share responsibilities of rent, mortgage payments, and bills.

Financial disagreements are common, with over a quarter (26%) of couples arguing about money at least once a week, which leads to a strain on their relationships.

The Financial Compatibility Test consists of 10 questions that are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and foster financial transparency. 

Here are the questions couples should consider together:

  1. What are your long-term financial goals?
  2. How do you currently approach budgeting and expenditure?
  3. Do you have outstanding debts or financial obligations?
  4. What are your perspectives on joint accounts?
  5. How do you envision dividing household expenses?
  6. What are your attitudes towards saving money?
  7. Have you had any financial challenges in the past?
  8. How would you manage unexpected expenses or emergencies?
  9. What do you think about maintaining financial independence within the relationship?
  10. Are there any financial deal-breakers or non-negotiables for you?

Christie Cook, Managing Director of Retail at Hodge, emphasised the importance of these conversations as couples embark on the exciting journey of living together. 

She said: “It’s essential to recognise the financial commitment that comes with cohabitation. We encourage you to use the ‘Financial Compatibility Test’ to help you and your partner take responsibility over finances. 

“Engaging in these discussions can empower couples to build a strong financial partnership and lay the groundwork for a harmonious living arrangement.”