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21st Jun 2024

Bridgerton actress reveals heartbreaking ending for her character

Kat O'Connor

This Bridgerton character nearly had a completely different ending

All anyone has been talking about lately is Bridgerton and who can blame them? Season three of the period drama has become one of the most viewed shows on Netflix this year.

As much as we loved this season, we did feel a little heartbroken for Cressida Cowper. She may have been painted as a villain but many viewers found themselves feeling for her as she struggled to find a match and was forced to deal with her parents’ cruel plan to set her up with an extremely older man.

An arranged marriage forced her to lie about being Lady Whistledown, an admission that tarnished her reputation. Her parents decided to send Cressida to live in the countryside with her aunt, but this was not the original ending for the character.

Actress Jessica Madsen told Entertainment Weekly that they shot a different ending.

“I don’t know whether she is going to her aunt’s because we actually don’t see her aunt in the carriage. So, it could be that she’s off somewhere by herself.”

“[In the first ending we shot], Lady Cowper actually came to save her, and got in the carriage with her and they left together.

“I had a caged bird in my hair with a little door and Lady Cowper had the key,” she shared.

The Bridgerton team wanted to leave the door open for Cressida’s return so who knows if she’ll pop up in season four.

Showrunner Jess Brownell also spoke out about the alternate ending.

“We shot an alternate ending where her mother gets in the carriage at the end and actually chooses her daughter,” she added.

The original plan for Cressida would’ve been beautiful to see on screen, but the ending the team went with means the character can now return in future episodes so it’s a win-win.