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08th Sep 2015

Tried and Tested – The Serenity Sparkle Experience

In a word...BLISS.

Cathy Donohue

Due to busy back to school schedules, a rather nasty change in weather and plans for the season ahead, it’s no surprise that this time of year can be a stressful one.

As difficult as it is to fit in, we all deserve a little down time and after indulging in the Serenity Sparkle experience at Nuala Woulfe’s Serenity Day Spa, we’re complete converts.

It took this staffer a while to get space in the diary for the 90 minute treatment but it was well worth the wait.

The first step was a full body exfoliation which involved the most delicious smelling Payot almond body scrub.

Although you might exfoliate at home pre and post fake tan application, getting your own back completely clean is next to impossible.

Sophie, our therapist, talked through every step of the treatment and baby soft skin was the end result.


After a shower to wash off the body scrub, it was time to lie down and completely relax before indulging in a full body massage.

Now, while the scrub was the perfect preparation, the massage was the main event and we’re already thinking of a way to justify another one, as soon as possible.

From the tips of your toes to your scalp, every single muscle was considered, and it took all of this writer’s willpower not to succumb to the land of nod.

They Say: Your experience begins with a complete body exfoliation to cleanse and refine the skin.

A Swedish full body massage follows, this is designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a feeling of well-being Unwind further with an Indian head massage and a luxurious foot massage.


We Say: There was no rush and if you can devote a spare weekday evening or Saturday afternoon to take some ‘me time’, then we couldn’t recommend a better way to spend it.

Standing up after the treatment, we felt cocooned in a blissful blanket of relaxation and had we not to go back to ‘real life’, we would have chilled out for the day.

It’s ideal preparation before a beach holiday or if you have a big night out coming up, this is the best way to get you glowing as tan applies like a dream afterwards.


Saying that, it’s also the perfect way to achieve a squeaky clean feeling while getting an indulgent pampering experience.

We’ll be back.

The Serenity Sparkle treatment is available at the Nuala Woulfe Serenity Day Spa for €130. To contact the Day Spa call 01-2300355 or email: [email protected]