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24th Dec 2022

This simple hack will make your fake tan last WAY longer this festive season


Denise Curtin


If you’re like me and detest being the shade “translucent” for the Christmas festivities (I can’t rock it like Nicola Roberts and co), then you’ll be delirah to know of some simple tricks for applying your fake tan AND keeping it looking fresh as you hop from event to event over the holidays.

Since the calendar is always jam-packed this time of year, it isn’t always easy to fully scrub, exfoliate and re-apply tan every night we’re hitting the tiles (and the addition of a banging hangover NEVER helps) s0… to make things easier, screenshot these tips and tricks for keeping that fake on fleek.

1. Shower with cold water for a couple of minutes at the end of your shower

Closing up your pores at the end of your shower means your tan won’t seep into them when you go to apply it aprés bathe. You’ll also avoid that dotty look which we all despise.

2. Moisturise

I know it seems like an absolute chore but even just moisturising your wrists, ankles, elbows and bend in your arms will save it going patchy when you try to pop on tan. Another tip I’ve picked up along the way is to go for a natural moisturiser – opt for one with no scent or harsh chemicals so your skin doesn’t feel tight or left with a burning sensation.

I find Aveeno’s natural moisturiser a dream plus, you can pick it up in most pharmacies for less than a tenner.

3. Keep it fresh

Now, a super simply hack I love. If you’re heading out for the second night in a row and your tan is getting a little streaky in the problem areas, buffing it with a wipe is a savior. Again, pick a wipe with no alcohol and scent to avoid any reactions and simply rub it along any steaky areas. I always target my “elbow pits” the inside area of my arms or the “crook” as it’s called as this always goes streaky.

Simply rubbing the corner of a wipe along the area where the tan appears to have clumped together helps to reblend it and make it see you through another night.

Then, add a little moisturiser for a finishing blend and top with a dusting of bronzer to set you on your way.

In terms of wipes, I adore the Simple wipes, again cheap as chips and available in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

And lastly, what tan should I buy?

When it comes to finding a good tan, I think it’s all trial and error for the most part. But one tan I always recommend and forever get asked about when I wear it is Bondi Sands.

I buy the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam and I adore it. It has a salon quality finish and it also smells divine.

In terms of price, it’s usually around the €25 mark but worth every penny and available in pharmacies like Llyods and Boots.


Feature image – Pinterest