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27th Jun 2023

Beauty hacks: Royal makeup artist reveals trick for making lipstick last all day


We’ve all fallen victim to dodgy lipstick being captured on camera whether it’s a at weddings, a party or lunching with friends.

Figuring out how to make your lips look perfect all day is a battle make-up lovers face day-in-day-out.

Now, a makeup artist well known for looking after the stunningly elegant Zara Tindall has revealed how she ensures perfection at all times with her royal clients.

Alisia Ristevski revealed ta few of her key tricks to ensuring lip products stay in place and don’t begin to look smudged or messy as they fade.

She said Zara keeps things natural when it comes to her lips at big events, so that fading can’t be noticed in photographs.

Alisia, who did Zara’s makeup for King Charles’s coronation, told Hello!, “Lipgloss and lipsticks are so personal, usually the key is to stay natural with lip colour so as it wears off you rarely notice in photos.”

Alisia also went on to detail how the consistency of gloss and lipsticks plays a big part too, with lipliner also an essential addition for keeping color in place.

“Finding a lipgloss or lipstick that isn’t too sticky is key, and a natural lip liner helps to keep everything looking good throughout long periods of time,” she said.