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15th Feb 2024

Scientists compare Nivea Soft Cream with Creme de la Mer amid speculation and the results are wild

Sophie Collins

Nivea vs Creme de la Mer

Get to Boots for this Nivea cream, stat!

The internet is full of outlandish claims, but this latest one has certainly caught our attention.

For weeks now, the Nivea Soft cream has been compared to one of the most expensive alternatives on the market, Creme de la Mer.

After Irish DJ, Annie Mac, took to social media to say, “Nivea is actually Crème de la Mer but in a different box,” hundreds of people have been claiming the same. 

In response to this, a science Lab in Canada decided to dive into the ingredients list to finally compare the two.

Regimen Lab is a skincare company that conducts beauty treatment reviews on TikTok and highlights the science behind everyone’s favourite products.

Recently, the brand explored the similarities between both creams and it seems that a price difference is one of few things parting these two products.

Nivea Soft Cream retails for anywhere between €5 and €7 while the Creme de la Mer option is on sale for a whopping €95.00 – €1,255.00.

Regimen lab decided to look into the ingredients of each product to see if the rumours are true and the results are honestly wild.

In the video, the technicians wrote: “We actually tested this in our lab.

“First, we took a look at the two formulae side-by-side. Creme de la Mer has the same base as Nivea.

“The main difference is in the fermented algae broth. It also has some additional botanical oils, seed powders and vitamins.

“We then tested their relative hydrating and water loss reduction abilities. We measured equal amounts of each cream. We used a corneometer, the gold standard hydration measurement device, to test hydration and a tewameter to test the TEWL (water loss) reduction.

“We calculated the average % change in hydration and occlusion from baseline. The increase in skin hydration between the two creams was almost identical.” 

They also found that “the TEWL reduction (occlusion) values were exactly the same”.

@regimenlab Is Nivea actually Creme de la Mer in a different box?! 😱 We tested it and… the results are very interesting! #regimenlab #nivea #lamer #skincaretest #skincaredupe #skintok #skincareobsessed ♬ That Couch Potato Again – Prod. By Rose

The experts went on to advise that “since we only measured hydration and occlusion, we can’t comment on other benefits these creams may have from other actives.

“But in terms of these parameters, we agree. They are very similar.”

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