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19th Mar 2024

Leo Varadkar vows to introduce strict laws for Botox and filler

Kat O'Connor

Leo Varadkar believes we need strong regulations for aesthetic medicine

The Government is planning to introduce stricter laws when it comes to aesthetic medicine like Botox and filler. Leo Varadkar confirmed that legislation is currently being drafted amid concerns about the beauty industry’s black market in Ireland.

There have been growing concerns about the number of unlicensed individuals administering Botox and filler nationwide.

Under Irish law, only a doctor, dentist, or nurse under the guidance of a doctor, can legally administer Botox.

However, there has been a stark rise in people administering the treatments illegally.

Varadkar vowed to address the issue with strict regulations.

According to The Journal, he said: “On the licensing system, well, it’s clear that we need a better system.

“I saw the Prime Time programme and I would definitely think that we need stronger licensing and stronger regulation of aesthetic medicine and that’s in train.”

Varadkar revealed that the legislation is being drafted.

He acknowledged the fact that there “will always be a black market in these things” but believes stronger laws can help.

“Stronger laws and stronger regulation can help,” he stressed.

The Irish public has been urged to avoid getting beauty treatments like filler and Botox from unlicensed professionals.