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15th Mar 2024

Cheers to Clear Skin: The surprising skincare benefits of Guinness

Drink responsibly!

Jody Coffey


The news we all needed before Paddy’s weekend

The St. Patrick’s Day long weekend is finally upon us, and before we know it, many of us will be relishing our first Guinness of the weekend.

Not only does a pint of the black stuff work wonders for our social lives, but, according to skincare experts, it may be providing skincare benefits too.

As if we needed another reason to order a pint of Guinness this banker.

Analysing the ingredients in a pint of Plain, skin experts at Spa Seekers have found that they may contribute to promoting healthy skin and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Barley, one of Guinness’ primary ingredients, contains several antioxidants, including polyphenols, which can help to repair and rejuvenate the skin and minimise skin aging and damage.

Barley is also a source of various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B3, iron, and zinc, which are known for promoting healthy skin. 

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Meanwhile, the hops found in the beloved Irish pint also contribute to maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Because of hops’ antioxidant properties, a pint of Guinness may also help to protect the skin from oxidative stress and environmental damage. 

Speaking on the benefits, Jason Goldberg, Director at, says that drinking a large number of Guinness pints (particularly if drinking several pints in a short period) may counteract some of the positive skin benefits due to the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

“While these ingredients could offer some potential benefits for the skin, it’s crucial to consider the overall context of your pint consumption,” he explains.

“Not only can alcohol dehydrate the skin, but excessive alcohol consumption is also associated with inflammation and other effects on skin health.”

Jack adds that while some ingredients in Guinness may offer some skin benefits, we shouldn’t rely on them to look after our skin.

“A well-balanced diet and a nourishing skincare routine that works for you is a much more reliable and effective way to support skin health.

“If you’re heading to the pub for an Irish tipple this weekend, enjoy the celebrations, but consider drinking a glass of water every other drink in order to minimise the dehydrating effects of the pints – and any potential hangovers too!”

Happy Paddy’s Weekend! Drink responsibly.