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05th Mar 2024

Irish government called to enforce new beauty regulations after ‘shocking’ RTÉ findings

Sophie Collins

Beauty industry

The findings of a recent investigation have left beauty industry professionals and their customers in shock

In the wake of the recent RTÉ Prime Time Special, ‘Beauty & Botox at Any Cost’, the Irish government is being called on to enforce strict regulations on the Irish aesthetics and beauty industry.

The investigative report shed light on alarming practices within the industry, particularly the administration of injectable treatments by unqualified people and the use of substandard products, posing significant risks to consumers. 

Thérapie Clinic, one of Ireland’s renowned providers of injectable treatments, is spearheading this call for regulatory measures to safeguard the public. 

With over 200 qualified doctors and medical professionals adhering to rigorous training standards, Thérapie Clinic exclusively utilises FDA and CE approved injectable products, ensuring the highest quality of care for its clients.

Dr. Ruaa, a Consultant Medical Director at Thérapie Clinic, emphasised the urgency for industry-wide regulations.

Beauty industry
Credit: Therapie Clinic

She said: “The safety and well-being of our clients are paramount. The proliferation of unqualified providers administering substandard treatments poses grave risks and undermines the integrity of the entire industry. 

“Regulatory oversight is imperative to protect consumers and uphold professional standards.” 

The RTÉ investigation also uncovered the illegal handling, sale, and administration of botox-type products by unlicensed practitioners, often using imported, unregulated substances. 

Professor Jack Kelly, President of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons, expressed shock and dismay at the findings, highlighting the significant gaps in patient safety.

 “It is alarming and unacceptable that unsuspecting patients are being subjected to substandard treatments by unqualified individuals misrepresenting their qualifications and utilizing dubious products,” Professor Kelly remarked. 

“Immediate action must be taken to prevent further harm to consumers and restore trust in the aesthetics industry.” 

Thérapie Clinic’s advocacy for stringent regulations reflects a broader commitment to promoting ethical practices and ensuring the highest standards of patient care. 

By championing regulatory reforms, the clinic aims to safeguard the public, enhance industry professionalism, and foster a culture of accountability within the aesthetics and beauty sector in Ireland.