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02nd Apr 2024

‘I clearly was not pointing in the direction of success’ – Garron Noone is still learning how to be famous

Anna Martin

Garron Noone

Her’s April Digital Cover Star is none other than the delicious, Garron Noone

If you’ve seen Garron while scrolling through your TikTok For You Page, (and let’s be real, who in Ireland hasn’t?), then you’ll know he’s a hard man to define.

The Mayo native is part comedian, part food reviewer, part singer and 100% delicious.

After massing a staggering 679.4k followers on TikTok and an additional 639k on Instagram, we caught up with the 29-year-old to find out how he has been adjusting to all the attention.

After chatting with Garron, the first thing I can say is that the fame has not gone to his head at all. He speaks as if he still can’t believe all of this is going on.

“I’ve only been doing the videos for just over a year and when I started them off people went mad.

Garron Noone
Credit: Amber O’Shea

“If you watch the videos, I clearly was not pointing in the direction of success. I was eating crisps and doing reviews of expensive cakes out of Tesco. I had no concept that people were gonna watch the f*cking things,” he says with disbelief in his voice.

“I was just like, oh, this is my favourite ice cream in the shop. Like how have so many people watched these videos? I still can’t get my head around it all.”

It has reached the point where people are beginning to recognise Garron on the street and are asking for pictures or shouting his iconic “follow me, I’m delicious” catchphrase.

“Some of the videos were atrocious.”

Garron Noone

It seems that most people want to hear the catchphrase, while other times people approach him looking for videos for their mothers who just happen to love the social media star.

Is there a super deep meaning behind those four words? A message of self-love he wanted to promote? Well, not quite.

“‘Follow me, I’m delicious’ has the most boring story ever,” he confesses with a laugh.

“I decided after I started getting views on some of the videos that I was going to post a video every day. Now, some of them were atrocious.

Garron Noone
Credit: Amber O’Shea

“Some were so sh*t that I came up with something random to say in the video, so I was making one and I decided ‘Oh, I’m just gonna say something f*cking stupid at the end of this.’

“It was the worst. I think I’ve probably since deleted this video but I just said ‘follow me, I’m delicious.’

“Now if I don’t say it, people get mad even if it’s at the end of my story. It could just be I’m in this place and someone will message me, “Why don’t you just say follow me?’ Like it’s not a full stop,” the TikToker laughs.

Though he may not understand how it caught on – neither do we – but his followers just love it. TikTok has completely changed Garron’s life in ways you might not have even considered.

While his fans reach out to him like they would any other celebrity, Garron can’t get over how they go about things and something tells us he doesn’t think of himself as a celeb anyway.

He explained that there’s the usual: “Can you say happy birthday to x?” or the classic “I really love you” but some of the messages are wild and not in the way you would think.

Garron Noone
Credit: Amber O’Shea

“I have a woman from America who is trying to send me thousands of euros on PayPal,” he says, leaving us a little lost for words.

Just to prove he’s a man of his word, Garron showed us his PayPal account and sure enough, there’s all the evidence you could ever want.

“There’s one woman from Canada who tips me on every OnlyFans video and my OnlyFans videos are ridiculous.

“They’re just saying, ‘Oh you’re a lovely girl, your eyes glisten like the tiles of Ballina Cathedral,’ They’re completely ridiculous and she tips me like $250 on every single one of them!”

“You have to be careful because people view you differently.”

Garron Noone

Yet Garron being the lovely lad that he is always sends it back…well that, and he’s terrified one day someone is going to show up at his door looking for their money.

Though it’s not all fun and games, people do cross the line, thankfully for the 29-year-old it seems to be few and far between, yet it has happened.

“People can get kind of very weird about things quite quickly. I’ve had a couple of situations with people contacting my mother and putting her on dating sites and all sorts of sh*t.

Garron Noone
Credit: Amber O’Shea

“Even trying to find out where I live, sort of semi-stalking. You have to be careful because people view you differently, which is weird, but it happens,” he explains.

“It’s a strange thing. But again, I’m kind of new to it. I’m only learning all this stuff.”

With his level head, easy-going attitude and just overall deliciousness, we’re sure the future has a lot more in store for Garron Noone.