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29th Apr 2018

Dancer shares her tips for stopping razor burn on your bikini line

It's a really handy technique.

Laura Holland

Ah, the dreaded bikini line rash. 

The worst thing to happen, especially during summer time when you might actually be hopping into a bikini or swimsuit for your holiday.

We’ve shared some techniques in the past which suggested that shaving in the right direction can eliminate the chance of a bikini rash and also making sure that your razor has no sign of rusting.

But Reddit user, TheBlackPajama, who is a dancer, has shared her tips and they’re pretty helpful.

Her technique involves these steps:

  • First thing you need to do is exfoliate the area. After that, she advises that you rub it with baby oil to soften the hair and skin.
  • Next is the actual shaving, which she says you should use a men’s razor for, so one with four blades, and also use men’s moisturizing shaving cream.
  • After you shave she says to use some rubbing alcohol on the skin, which will kill the bacteria and close your pores.
  • Finally, you apply some unscented deodorant to the area, which keeps you dry in the area and prevents chaffing and razor bumps.

Speaking about her technique she said:

“Mine was always flawless, I was a dancer for four years and did this almost daily. I posted this same routine under my old account and I got TONS of messages in my inbox with girls thanking me for their blemish-free pies.”