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07th Aug 2023

You can get stickers for your skin that tell you when you need to reapply sun cream

This is the future.

Of course, by now we all know just how important sun cream is, it’s a must when it comes to our skincare routine and even more important when we’re out sunbathing in the summer.

SPF helps protect our skin from the harmful UV rays created by the sun, but more often than none we completely forget to reapply and end up getting a little bit burned.

And when it comes to being outdoors in the Irish sun, we tend to have the attitude that we don’t need it or the sun isn’t as strong, something that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rain, wind, sun, snow, no matter what the weather is like, once the sun is out, our skin needs to be protected from skin damage, the signs of premature ageing, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

When it comes to reapplying, we really should be doing it a lot more often than we do, especially when we’re on holidays.

But thanks to skin brand SPOTMYUV, they’ve come up with a way of reminding us exactly when we should be reapplying.

Coming up with the first clinically proven UV detection sticker, it can detect when your suncream is no longer working as it uses patented dermatrue skin mimicking technology.

All you do is apply the purple sticker on your skin and put your suncream over it which makes the purple turn clear.

After heading into the sun, the sticker will turn back purple when it’s time to reapply, so make sure you put it somewhere you’ll notice, just make sure it’s somewhere that the skin is exposed.

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These SPOTS, as they call them, are waterproof too, so you can go for a dip, run, or sweat it out in the sun and they won’t budge all day.

As well as this, they’re sweat-resistant and hypoallergenic, it’s a win-win.

Explaining the science behind it, the company says: “Our non-toxic dye turns purple in UV light. This dye only senses light, which is why we say SPOTMYUV is solar-powered. When you apply sunscreen and face SPOT to sunlight, the UV Sensing Ink recognises that you have applied enough SPF, and it turns clear.”

These SPOTS have been going viral on TikTok (where else) and one user reported that they told her to reapply after only two hours, during her son’s football match, something she would have forgotten to do otherwise.