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18th Jan 2024

Is the ‘girl hobby’ TikTok trend another way of shaming women for enjoying things?

Anna Martin

From the makers of ‘girl math’ and ‘girl dinner’ comes ‘girl hobby’

When these trends first started, we were all guilty of justifying our spending and snack plate meals by slapping one of these taglines on the sentence.

However, the ‘girl hobby’ trend is now sparking a debate and people are questioning whether it is just a bit of harmless fun.

In a viral TikTok, Lo (@itslobirch) shared her list of the all different things she would class as a ‘girl hobby.’

@itslobirch I don’t have hobbies I have girl hobbies!!! #greenscreen ♬ original sound – lo 🤠🪩🌊

These included grabbing a coffee and pastry as a ‘lil treat,’ doing skincare, hair, and makeup, reorganising instead of sleeping, going on ‘hot girl walks’, doing social media investigative work, and shopping.

Though it received over three million views, people began questioning if we’re guilty of infantilising women through these trends.

There are already so many harmful stereotypes about women, the last thing we need is to dismiss our hobbies and passions.

Are we just stoking the fire?

Another TikToker, Taylor Jade (@raylot), decided to raise the question, posting her own response video saying, “Somebody has got to ask what is going on? What are we saying? Those are not hobbies.

@raylot #stitch with @lo 🤠🪩🌊 ♬ original sound – taylor jade

“What is up with this infantilisation brain rot trend that has grown women saying ‘No I don’t need a hobbies or a personality because I’m a teenage girl and I have to get coffee and lil treat and go shopping…’ What?”

Taylor pointed out that if express your disagreement with the trend you often get labelled as a ‘pick me’.

Her video wracked up over 2.2 million views and plenty of comments agreeing with Taylor’s take.

“I feel like it started with the girl dinner trend which was fun but now it’s just sort of spiralled,” commented one person while another added, “Couldn’t have said it better, bimbo feminism does the opposite of what we want as a society.”

girl hobby
Credit: Getty

Like most things in life, it’s all fun and games until we actually start thinking about what it means in the grand scheme of things.

In one way, it could be viewed as women taking the power away from the joke, like yes we do these things we’re completely aware, thanks for noticing but we’re more than that.

In another, are we giving these stereotypes room to breathe and grow? Will other people decide we’ve given the go-ahead and it goes from buying coffee to something more damaging?

Or am I blowing the whole situation out of proportion?