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21st Feb 2024

‘Hopecore’ may be saving you from doom-scrolling without you realising it

Jody Coffey


This side of social media >>>>>>>

By now, we all know what a ‘doom scroll‘ entails, but have you ever heard of Hopecore?

Doomscrolling is almost part and parcel of using social media, and we often accept that we’ll sometimes be exposed to negative news and content.

In contrast, the ‘Hopecore‘ trend has risen to combat the volume of upsetting content being uploaded online, and we may not even realise its intervention yet.

Unlike other content, its only goal is to make a smile spread across your face as you consume it.

@the_implementer ❤️‍🩹✨ #hopecore #positivity #real ♬ original sound – •ᴗ•

What is ‘Hopecore’?

Like many other trends on TikTok, ‘Hopecore’ is a combination of videos or pictures.

The trend has over 6.9 billion views as users are inspired to take part daily.

What sets this trend apart is the little nuggets of life-affirming quotes, heartwarming moments, endorphin-producing images, and hopeful commentary.

Little moments from people’s lives that may otherwise seem insignificant or mundane are being celebrated across TikTok making viewers smile or cry their eyes out with emotion.

@the_implementer ❤️‍🩹✨ #hopecore #positivity #real ♬ original sound – •ᴗ•

With ‘Hopecore’, nothing is off limits as long as it sparks joy, happy tears, and positive feelings of hope that restore one’s faith in humanity.

Everything from little wins to big wins, community celebrations to personal achievements, silly moments to emotional revelations.

In essence, the ‘Hopecore’ trend is a compilation of the human experience.

@myvideosareflames #hopecore #positivity #real ♬ original sound – myvideosareflames

‘Hopecore’ is a social media reset

In a world where social media can promote perfection and unrealistic beauty standards, ‘Hopecore’ serves as a reminder that we are all doing life the best way we can.

It’s the everyday real and raw moments that make us happy and feel connected, not videos of the most expensive clothing or the picture-perfect holidays.

This trend puts all of this into perspective.

If the only thing you do today is search #Hopecore on TikTok, it won’t be a day wasted.