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08th Apr 2024

Bride left furious after catching groom watching football at their wedding


It’s a nope from us.

A woman on TikTok has started a huge debate with married couples everywhere after she shared a clip of her husband watching football at their wedding.

We know what you’re thinking, watching football isn’t the worst thing, but what if we told you it was on his phone that was resting against the wedding cake?

Captioning the video “I still can’t believe my husband did this at our wedding…,” bride Dani shared the clip on her and her husband Blake’s TikTok, clearly wanting to call him out.

Dani can be seen in the clip not looking one bit happy with Blake as he’s sat staring at the phone propped up against the cake, lucky enough to be hidden from everyone else.

@daniandblake 1 year ago today 😅 @dani.russell #daniandblake #wedding #marriage #fail #anniversary #fyp ♬ original sound – Dani and Blake

And once he gets caught, the only defence he can give is “the footy’s on.”

As soon as the video went viral and people from all over the world got a glimpse at his antics, debates erupted in the comments.

One person commented: “can’t be present in the moment. kind of sad.”

Another said: “I mean I don’t mind my man watching this stuff but on the wedding seriously?”

A third said: “Mine did the same 49 years ago walking up the [aisle]. After being married he asked our brother in law how the Wolves were getting on.”

Another said: “This is why I’m not dating someone obsessed with sport.”

One person added: “My husband would do that too.”

Someone else seemed to have the same issue at their wedding, saying: “At least he is still in the room. My hubby went to the bar area with his dad to watch the footie on my wedding night.”

Defending himself in another video, Blake pointed out how many people agreed with him, to which Dani gave the best comeback, saying: “The next guy I marry won’t be into football.”