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12th Jun 2017

The latest Beautyblender is all our dreams come true

Cathy Donohue

It’s almost too pretty to use.

Beautyblenders have become the makeup tool of choice because of the ease of use, flawless application and perfect coverage.

There are various colours to choose from, including the original bright pink and other cute pastel shades, but the latest one is all kinds of gorgeous.

There’s a MARBLE beauty blender on the way and given the obsession we’ve had with marble interiors and stationery, this sponge will be a must for anyone obsessed with the chic look.

This one is a pink marble version, mixing the BeautyBlender feminine aesthetic with something a little more trend-driven, and you just know people are going to go mad for it.

Here it is in all its glory and according to reports, it will be available from September.

In the meantime, get your old BeautyBlender looking good as new with the hack the internet is raving about.