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04th Apr 2024

‘Women were dissecting my weight gain’ – Doireann Garrihy opens up about the dangers of reading online forums

Kat O'Connor

Doireann Garrihy said reading the forums is so dangerous

Doireann Garrihy has opened up about the heartache she faced when she realised people were discussing her on a social media forum.

She said people were discussing her body, her weight gain, and her appearance on the cruel forum, leaving her feeling completely devastated.

Doireann said she was shocked by just how harsh the comments were. She said other women were dissecting how she looked.

“A few years ago, someone sent me a screenshot of an online forum where a discussion was being had about how much weight I had gained during lockdown,” she told her Instagram followers.

Doireann said: “Women dissecting my weight gain, where I had gained it most, how I was trying to hide it… it absolutely crushed me and affected me so much more than I even realised at the time.

“Needless to say, I have never, ever looked at that forum myself – it would literally be self-harm to do so,” she explained.

Doireann said the comments affected her so much that it actually had an impact on her that led to a major lifestyle change.

“In many ways, I hate that THAT was a catalyst for me but whatever,” she said.

Doireann said women can never win when it comes to online trolls. They will always find something to criticise or mock.

Avoiding the forum is one thing that helps, but people shouldn’t be making these comments in the first place.

Imagine how hurt we would be if we read those nasty remarks about ourselves. Forums like this should be banned outright online, but there is still so far to go.