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14th Jun 2024

These four things could damage your engagement ring this summer

Sophie Collins

Engagement ring

Summer is here and that means hotter days (sometimes) and a host of fun outdoor activities planned

If you’re newly engaged or are married then it’s essential to consider how seasonal changes can affect your treasured engagement ring. 

Aimee Howlett, a spokesperson at Diamonds Factory, has shared four potential hazards that could damage your ring over time and offers advice on how to protect it.

Prolonged Sun Exposure

While seeing your engagement ring sparkle in the sunlight is a beautiful sight, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause damage. 

Certain gemstones, such as amethyst and topaz, can fade or change color due to their color-charged atoms. 

Additionally, the metal band of your ring can get extremely hot because metal is a heat conductor, which can lead to warping and, eventually, snapping.

To prevent this, consider removing your ring on extremely hot days or limiting your exposure by seeking shade. 

This simple precaution can help maintain your ring’s integrity and brilliance.

Hand and Body Creams

Applying hand and body creams, including suncream, while wearing your ring won’t directly damage it, but it can dull its shine. 

Residue from these products can build up on the stone and metal, making them appear cloudy and less vibrant. 

Although this residue can be cleaned off, if it gets underneath the stone and into the setting, it may require professional cleaning.

To avoid this hassle, remove your ring before applying lotions and creams this summer.


Swimming is a popular way to cool off in the summer, but the chlorine used in pools can be harmful to your ring. 

Prolonged exposure to chlorine can cause gemstones to fade and metal bands to discolour. 

For those with white gold rings, chlorine exposure can be particularly damaging. 

White gold is plated with rhodium, which can wear away over time, revealing the gold’s natural yellow tint. Chlorine accelerates this process.

To protect your ring, it’s best to remove it before getting into the pool.

Gardening Jobs

Gardening is a favourite summer activity, but it poses risks to your engagement ring. 

Activities like digging and planting can easily scratch or crack your ring. 

Even protective gloves aren’t foolproof, as they can catch on your ring and potentially cause it to be pulled off or lost.

To avoid damage, leave your ring in a safe place indoors while you garden.

Taking these precautions can help ensure that your engagement ring remains as beautiful and pristine as the day you first wore it.