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30th May 2024

Her Wedding: The bridesmaid wedding trend is rising in popularity in 2024

Kat O'Connor

Wedding season is approaching and this bridesmaid trend is our favourite

Have you reached that age where all of your friends are suddenly getting married? Since when did we all grow up and have enough money to splash out on a wedding?

It honestly feels like we left college last week but nothing makes you feel like more of a grown-up than a plethora of wedding invites and a wardrobe brimming with bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding trends change every decade but there’s one trend growing in popularity this year and it’s one of our personal favourites.

If you’re a 2024 bride then this is one wedding trend worth paying attention to.

According to One Fab Day, mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are proving popular with 2024 brides.

We’re not surprised to see the trend becoming more popular. Gone are the days when every bridesmaid wore the exact same dress and we’re happy to see the end of those days.

Not every dress will suit your body type so having a range of options will help make every bridesmaid feel beautiful.

This trend started with the same colour dress in different styles but brides are now mixing it up even further.

Everything is changing when it comes to bridesmaid dresses including the pattern, silhouette, colour and even style.

Having such diverse bridesmaids’ dresses makes the bridal party look even cooler.

It’s also so important to know all of your bridesmaids feel comfortable. There are so many things we may feel insecure about whether that’s our upper arms or our legs so having a dress with sleeves for one bridesmaid and a longer gúna for another is the best.

This trend is all about making everyone feel comfortable and beautiful and we’re so here for it.