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15th May 2024

This Bottega bag dupe from Next is so impressive and will save you over €3,000

Sophie Collins


This is a particularly impressive dupe

Stumbling across a remarkable designer dupe can seriously feel like uncovering hidden treasure… or is it just me?

While I’ve made a vow to myself to halt my summer bag purchases (for now), I couldn’t resist sharing the details of perhaps the most impressive designer-inspired bag I’ve seen this season.

It all started while casually scrolling through Instagram when I noticed an effortlessly glam Tia Lineker flaunting a stunning tote on her latest summer trip.

Immediately, I was on a mission to know where this tote was from.

Never one to gate keep a great piece, Lineker graciously tagged the brand in her photo. After seeing it was a design from the Italian brand, Bottega, I kept scrolling, resigning myself to admiring it from afar.

Days later, as if Instagram knew I was still pondering the beauty of that bag, I was targeted with an advertisement from Next – a shop I’ve only recently come to appreciate for a few of it’s gorgeous pieces… including this jacket:


At first glance, nothing caught my attention on the cleverly placed ad – until I tapped again and saw a bag IDENTICAL to the Bottega I had been fawning over earlier in the week.

That’s fate in my eyes…

When I clicked in, there are some clear differences with the handle and structure of the bag, but the overall aesthetic of the piece was still uncanny with its thick woven design.

The Bottega Large Arco Tote Bag will set you back €3,600 (ouch!), while the Next version is a much more affordable €56.

So, if you’re looking to channel the allure of Bottega Veneta without breaking the bank, look no further.