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12th Jun 2024

Her Health: How much hair in my brush is normal? What you need to know about hair loss

Sophie Collins


Are you noticing that your brush seems more full of hair than usual?

As women, we can panic when we start to see more hair shedding than usual – and we often jump to some of Doctor Google’s terrifying conclusions.

According to our research, hair loss in both men and women is often down to follicular miniaturisation.

Despite differences in hair loss patterns between men and women, the underlying process remains the same. 

As hair follicles weaken, the hair shafts become thinner and more fragile, making them more susceptible to breakage during brushing or even when touched lightly.

According to, it’s important to understand that seeing fine strands on your brush or falling out at the touch of your fingers is not always a cause for concern. 

The strength of each person’s locks varies across different follicles, and even without any hair loss conditions, some follicles will naturally produce weaker hairs.

After showering or brushing, especially if it’s been a day or longer since your last brush or wash, it’s perfectly normal to find some strands on your brush. 

Hair loss

Finding 50 to 100 hairs is not alarming, considering that an average person has up to 100,000 hairs on their head.

However, if you notice a consistent increase in the number of hairs on your pillow, brush, shower, or sink, it might be time to take a closer look at your hair health.

To accurately determine if you’re experiencing hair loss, experts say it’s crucial to monitor your hair and its shedding over time. 

Focusing too much on daily fluctuations can lead us to incorrect conclusions – from Doctor Google.

Instead, ensure that you clean your brush regularly to get an accurate picture of your shedding. 

Taking daily photos of your hair and brush under consistent lighting and positioning can help track any changes over a period of weeks or months.

If you’re really starting to worry and want a definitive diagnosis, you should consult  with a dermatologist who can provide further insights into whether you are experiencing male or female pattern baldness.

Remember, some shedding when brushing your hair while it’s wet or dry is normal, so there is no need to immediately panic.

Simply monitor it over time and if it continues or gets worse, then consult with your dermatologist who will be able to put a plan in place to fix any issues.