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17th Feb 2018

‘Vagina wigs’ are one trend New York Fashion Week can keep… thanks


Denise Curtin

We really don’t know what to say TBH.

Maybe first, let us just try and explain what a “vagina wig” is… it isn’t too hard. A vagina wig is a wig of synthetic hair that is placed on your vagina.

Now according to history, in the 1600s, “ladies of the night” would wear vagina wigs after they removed their hair down below for health reasons. These vagina wigs were known as “Merkins”. Hmmm insightful.

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And now it appears, South Korean designer Kaimin thinks they need a revival, as his models wore vagina wigs while showcasing his latest collection at New York Fashion Week earlier this week.

Speaking in a statement about the pubic wigs, Kamin said: “This acceptance of individuality is the human vagina – which is alluded to in the live video at the show and is emphasized by the mohawk on the runway,”

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He believes the wigs speak for themselves and showcase freedom and individuality. Erm… we can think of other ways, but OK, sure.

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And these vagina wigs weren’t just a case of a bit of self-adhesive work backstage at the show, no, no, Dale Delaporte, creative director of Prema Hair, a Sydney and New York-based luxury salon, was on hand during Kaimin’s NYFW show, making sure every wig looked preened to perfection and ready for the runway.

We think we will leave this bizarre trend slide.