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08th May 2023

Majority of Irish women struggle to shop for their body type

Kat O'Connor

“We’re all more than some fruit, and fashion is to be enjoyed by all”

Shopping always seems a lot more fun before you find yourself in a cramped dressing room with woeful lighting. As much as we love looking for new clothes, the thought of trying things on can feel like an awful hassle.

One thing that helps is embracing your own personal style and trying on what makes you feel good rather than what society thinks you should wear.

According to a new survey by Oxendales, 36% of Irish women find it very hard to shop for their body type.

Finding that perfect outfit can be difficult but when it happens, 98% of respondents feel positive when they find the perfect fit, with over half of the respondents expressing they feel amazing, almost like they could take on the world.

Many of us have been told to solely shop based on the type of body shape we have, whether that’s hourglass, apple, or pear, but isn’t dressing based on what makes you feel good more important?

Oxendales has always stayed close and connected to its community. Having been here ever since the 1970s, back when nationwide, catalogue door-drops sparked a page-folding, fashion frenzy and delivery day brought the neighbours in for tea and paisley print fashion shows.

Today you’ll find them online; with the same great focus on fashion, always working to make it easier for customers in Ireland to access contemporary collections. Having evolved to digital, customers have moved from page-turners to screen swipers; with the website and app being refreshed often to bring customers the latest collections.

Niamh Walsh Head of Brand Marketing at Oxendales shared, “We at Oxendales feel very privileged to have so many wonderful Irish customers and to be in the position to carry out research towards what they might like to find in fashion. This study should empower customers to find fashionable fits and inclusive sizing for the ordinary and extraordinary days. Oxendales wants to enable customers to shop without any limits to their personal style. As we come into the summer months, it comes at a great time for us to remind shoppers we’re all more than some fruit, and fashion is to be enjoyed by all.”

Oxendales is on a mission to revamp shopping, bringing fashion, fun and flexible finance to their customers.