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14th Feb 2024

The wedding dress styles set to grace countless aisles in 2024

Sophie Collins


As wedding season approaches, brides-to-be are diving into the world of bridal fashion, looking for inspiration for their big day.

According to recent Google Trends search data, the quest for the perfect ‘wedding dresses’ has surged by 681% worldwide over the past year. 

So, to help navigate this recent wave of interest, the fashion experts at Dalston Mill Fabrics have revealed their predictions for the most coveted bridal styles of 2024, offering insights into the trends that will grace countless aisles this year.

Ethereal Elegance

Kate Moss wedding

Ethereal wedding dresses embody an exquisite fusion of delicate beauty and whimsical charm. 

Characterised by soft fabrics like tulle, satin, and silk, adorned with intricate lace or subtle beading, this aesthetic has captured the hearts of brides worldwide. 

With a staggering 700% increase in searches in January 2024 alone, the allure of ethereal gowns continues to rise.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless ‘boho’ bridal trend, epitomised by icons like Kate Moss, ethereal dresses offer a refined yet playful twist, according to the experts, making them a standout choice for any bride. 

The surge in popularity, evident through hashtags like #WhimiscalWeddingDress, underscores their appeal, with a remarkable 1,049% increase in demand over the past three months.

Old Money Opulence

Meghan Markle wedding

Embracing a sense of understated luxury and timeless sophistication, the ‘old money’ aesthetic has seamlessly transitioned into bridal fashion. 

With a 999% spike in global searches at the start of 2024, accompanied by hashtags like #ElegantWeddingDress, this style exudes effortless elegance.

For brides seeking to channel this look, simplicity reigns supreme. Clean lines and minimal detailing capture the essence of old-world charm, evoking a sense of timeless allure. 

Celebrities like Nicola Peltz and Meghan Markle have epitomized this aesthetic, providing inspiration for brides aspiring to exude refined elegance on their special day.

Modern Mini Marvels

Sofia Richie wedding

Breaking away from tradition, the modern bride of 2024 is embracing mini wedding dresses. 

Once reserved as the reception attire, these short gowns have now taken centre stage, witnessing a global surge in interest of 264% at the start of the year.

With celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie Grainge leading the way, mini wedding dresses offer a bold statement for brides looking to defy convention. 

From structured silhouettes to chic designs inspired by vintage lingerie, this trend promises to captivate brides with its contemporary flair.

Princess Perfection

Paris Hilton wedding

For brides longing for a timeless, fairy-tale elegance, princess-style ballgowns remain the epitome of bridal splendor. 

With a staggering 104.2 million views on TikTok, the allure of these regal gowns shows no signs of waning.

Inspired by royalty and adorned with delicate embellishments, princess ballgowns evoke a sense of enchantment and grace. 

From Paris Hilton’s exquisite Oscar de la Renta creation to the timeless elegance of tiara-topped ensembles, this style promises to make every bride feel like royalty on her special day.

The experts also foresee a resurgence of ornate fabrics and the incorporation of bows as key elements in 2024 bridal style, reflecting broader fashion trends while adding a personalised touch to each bride’s ensemble.

So if you’re a bride embarking on the exciting journey of finding the perfect wedding dress, we hope these trends offer a glimpse into the diverse array of styles awaiting you in 2024.