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08th Mar 2024

Tralee student scouted by renowned designer ends up on Paris Fashion Week runway

Sophie Collins

Paris Fashion Week, Jasmine Ryle

Imagine going for a casual dinner in Paris and ending up walking in one of fashion’s most prestigious events…

That is exactly what happened to Jasmine Ryle, a student from Tralee who is living in Paris.

She found herself catapulted into the world of high fashion after she was spotted in a restaurant crowd in Paris and asked to model at Paris Fashion Week. 

Her unexpected journey from a casual dinner with friends to strutting down the runway has left her feeling like she’s living a modern-day Cinderella story.

Currently pursuing architecture and design, Jasmine is on a two-year internship in the French capital.

Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, Jasmine explained that last Thursday, while out with friends, she struck up a conversation with a group of strangers at a nearby table. 

Little did she know, one of them was the renowned Peruvian designer, Sergio Davila.

Davila, impressed by Jasmine’s distinctive look and curly hair, wasted no time in offering her a spot in his upcoming show.

Just two days later, Jasmine found herself at the forefront of Paris Fashion Week, gracing the runway at the iconic Pont Bir Hakeim bridge.

In an interview with Newstalk, Jasmine described the whirlwind experience as surreal and akin to a fairytale. 

“It was quite a spontaneous story,” she said. “I hadn’t known but it was the designer actually who had come up to me and apparently, he had really liked my look.”

Despite never considering modelling before, Jasmine embraced the opportunity without hesitation. 

“You have to take all the opportunities, right?” she remarked. “It was just kind of all a shock to me really.”

The show was a success, and Jasmine forged valuable connections within the industry. Fellow models offered advice and insight, while Davila extended his support to help her kickstart her modelling career.

Reflecting on her surprise journey, Jasmine admitted that modelling had never been on her radar. 

However, after an unforgettable experience at Paris Fashion Week, she said she finds herself thinking about a future in the industry.

With doors now open to a world she had never imagined, Jasmine’s Cinderella moment serves as a reminder of the power of seizing the moment and saying ‘yes’ unexpected opportunities. 

As she navigates this newfound path, one thing is certain: her fashion story is just beginning.