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12th Jan 2024

Ilaria Urbinati: Meet the stylist behind Barry Keoghan’s red-carpet looks

Jody Coffey

Barry Keoghan

We thank you for your service, Ilaria, and we wait with bated breath for your next styling session with Barry.

It seems everywhere you look these days, Barry Keoghan is there.

We’re partly to blame (or thank?) for this, as we cannot get enough of the Dublin-born actor.

While his undeniable acting talent is one of the core reasons for this, his fashion looks have become a huge part of our discussion here at

Anytime a new image of Barry drops from another glamorous event, his style gets more and more elevated.

Barry Keoghan attending the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ 14th Annual Governors Awards wearing Stella McCartney styled by Ilaria Urbinati. Credit: Getty

There’s no denying that he not only has earned his place in Hollywood for his acting abilities, but he looks the part too.

Of course, his stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, has a pretty good canvas to work with, but, given the star’s recent red-carpet attire (and the world’s obsession with him), we felt compelled to know more about the extraordinarily talented stylist behind it all.

Barry Keoghan attending the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards wearing Louis Vuitton. Styled by Ilaria Urbinati. Credit: Getty

Who is Ilaria Urbinati?

Ilaria Urbinati was born in Rome and raised in Paris, and she started out buying for high-end boutiques.

She is credited with being instrumental in bringing many top European designers to the USA, according to the Wall Group.

Ilaria’s next move saw her opening an LA-based store called Confederacy, where she collaborated on a line of tailored suits.

In fact, we’ve seen her work before on Ryan Gosling’s character, Jacob Palmer, in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, which led the line to sell out almost immediately.

Ilaria’s attention to detail and eye for style when dressing prolific clients on the red carpet have earned her a place on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Most Powerful Stylists” list six years in a row.

She has also appeared on their cover on multiple occasions, as well as being photographed with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the ‘Most Influential Stylists of the Decade’ issue.

Her exclusively male-led client list boasts other influential names such as Rami Malek, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, and Tom Hiddleston, as well as major athletes and successful executives.

In a profile on IWC, Ilaria says that when she is styling her clients, she opts for clothing that will set them apart from the crowd.

“My forte has always been strong color choices and unexpected combinations, which I feel have helped my male clients stand apart especially at a time when men were mostly just showing up in black or grey suits to everything.

“But I also have a strong understanding for silhouettes, structure, and proportion.”

The stylist also admitted that she has an infinity for menswear that she never felt towards womenswear.

“I happen to be passionate about menswear in a way that I just never really was about womenswear.

“My brain works really well within the parameters of menswear: the precision of tailoring, the color plays, the game of trying to toe that line of their comfort zone versus pushing them just out of their comfort zone so that they’re having fun and keeping things fresh and unique to them.

But still in a way where they feel like their best version of themselves.”