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11th May 2019

We have found the ONE product anyone who struggles with frizzy hair in the heat needs

We long for summer and sunshine all year, because, let’s face it – this season is the best.

However, if you are prone for frizzy hair as soon as the temperatures start rising, you might be a little less keen on hot days and sunny skies.

Sounds familiar? Same girl. Same.

My hair turns into a ball of frizz the minute I step into hot, humid air, and so I am forever hunting for the perfect product – you know, the one I know will instantly tame and de-puff my frizzy hair when needed.

Having tested my way through a lot of product over the years (a lot!), and never really found one that actually worked both fast and also kept working while I was out in the heat and sun, I was recently sent some new products by Redken to try – and guys – one of these was an absolute game-changer!

No, seriously – I’m not kidding.

Say hello to Redken Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate Treatment – a little bottle of magic drops that actually do exactly what they promise.

frizzy hair

The Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate Oil Serum is part of a new generation Frizz Dismiss products from Redken, which were all very impressive, let that be said. But it was this little oil that amazed me the most, and that I just know will be a permanent fixture in my handbag/beach bag for the months ahead.

frizzy hair

In fact, if you are struggling with frizzy hair in the hear, I would strongly advice you to snap up both the new protection oils that are part of the Frizz Dismiss range. The Anti-Static Oil Mist can be used on wet or dry hair as a touch-up spray to smooth static and fly-aways, while the Instant Deflate Oil-in-Serum helps instantly smooth puffiness and unwanted excess volume.

If you are into cleaner beauty buys, you will no doubt also love to hear that the new Frizz Dismiss line from Redken is completely  sulphate and sodium chloride free, and that the Instant Deflate Oil-in-Serum contains sustainably-sourced Babassu Oil, which is there to promote a sleek and shiny results for your hair.


I don’t know about you, but sleek, manageble hair sounds like the Holy Grail to me in the summer time, and so this product will for sure be going into my holiday suitcase!