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27th Mar 2021

The brand new sports collection from H&M will make you want to take up running

H&M running collection

Running is healing.

The brand new sports collection from H&M is focused on the healing and therapeutic benefits of running.

Running, they point out, can help you disconnect from life and your job, and whatever else you are doing.

“Running is a form of healing. A way to deal with the stress, and be in tune with yourself.”

And the best thing about running? Anyone can do it – for free. It can be done anytime, anywhere, and without needing much else than some good runners and a sports bra.

However, as with any other activity, we reckon it just becomes that much easier to get started when you’ve got gear that makes you feel good. Which is why we are obsessed with this gorgeous new running collection – especially the flashes of orange – such an energy boost of a colour!

Ready to hit the road?

1. High support Sports bra


2. Running shorts


3. Seamless running tights


4. Mesh detail sports top


5. Windproof running jacket


6. Hooded running jacket


7. Sports cap