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04th Apr 2024

Meghan Markle can’t win after public criticises her over children’s hospital visit

Kat O'Connor

Meghan Markle will never win with the public against her every move

Meghan Markle has been called out for visiting a children’s hospital in America. Yes, really.

The former actress visited the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital in March and it has since been revealed that it was the same day Princess Kate confirmed her cancer diagnosis.

The mum-of-two read to children and greeted patients during her visit, but held off sharing any photos or footage from the visit.

Insiders claim Meghan wanted to give Kate time after her news before sharing the visit with the public.

During the visit, the mum read books to the children including Rosie the Riveter, Pete the Cat, and I Saw a Cat.

Photos of Meghan’s visit are heartwarming but people quickly slated her over it.

Many claimed she was attention-seeking and others said she was taking the spotlight away from Kate. However, the visit was planned in advance of Kate’s announcement.

Twitter was flooded with criticism with many claiming Meghan was using the children for her own gain.

One wrote: “There isn’t anything “adoringly” about a woman who exploits sick children for PR. It reeks of desperation. Following on the heels of the Kardashians.”

Another said: “How does she sleep at night? Using these kids for publicity.”

All Meghan did was visit children in the hospital. They would have been praised for their actions if it was any other celebrity, but the public’s hatred towards her never ends.

She wasn’t taking ‘attention’ away from the Princess of Wales. She wasn’t using the children for a PR move.

Meghan Markle was simply being a good person, but that’s something the public will never accept. She will forever be a villain in their eyes.



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