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19th Apr 2024

Vogue Williams opens up about trolls and the impact they have on her life

Kat O'Connor

Vogue Williams said trolls are always waiting around to pounce

Vogue Williams has opened up about the reality of facing trolls on a daily basis. The presenter says dealing with them is a part of the world now but they don’t know the real her.

Trolls often make assumptions, spread rumours and even criticise people over the most meaningless things.

Vogue is all too familiar with the reality of dealing with trolls but she has learned how to shake it off.

Speaking about the rise in trolling, Vogue said: “People wait around – they’re like little piranhas. They literally wait around until you do the slightest thing wrong – and then they attack, and that’s just the way the world works.”

She said she doesn’t understand why people care so much, especially when it comes to things from her past.

She told her listeners on the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast:

‘They want you to be an a**hole. ‘I am NOT an a**hole!” she stressed.

The presenter said trolls are usually ”insignificant within themselves” and that is why they target celebrities.

A study discovered that people troll others because it makes them feel better about themselves.

The team’s research found that sadism was the main reason for trolling. No matter what the reason for it, trolling is never okay to do. Not only does it make others feel horrible, but it spreads so much negativity online.

It is harmful, draining, and, a complete waste of time, and something far too many people have to deal with.

Whether you’re famous or not, nobody should have to deal with trolls online.