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03rd Apr 2024

There’s a reason why you’re always sleepy around your partner and it’s quite cute

Kat O'Connor

The reason you feel sleepy is pretty adorable

If you’ve ever noticed you’re always pretty sleepy when you’re with your partner then don’t worry, they’re not boring you to sleep.

The reason behind you’re desperate desire to snooze in your partner’s company is actually very sweet.

According to psychotherapist Tasha Bailey, the reason why you doze off in their company is because you feel safe.

Your partner is likely the one person you feel safest with, so it makes sense if your body feels relaxed around them too.

Tasha explained to Glamour that people feel comforted and secure when they’re with the person they love.

They’re the people who make us feel most at ease so there’s no reason why we fall asleep when we’re with them, even if we don’t mean to.

We may feel bad for dozing off during another film or when we’re in the middle of a conversation (blame the lack of caffeine) but experts have proven it is for a cute reason so we can get away with it, right?

Tasha added: “When we feel secure and comfortable with a partner, it can activate our body to feel so safe that we might fall asleep. The feeling of safety activates the parasympathetic part of our nervous system. Our pupils dilate, our breath gets deeper and our heart rate drops as our body slowly unwinds. This means that our body is preparing itself for rest, which is why we might find ourselves falling asleep easily with our partner.”

Not only do they make us feel safe, but falling asleep next to our partner improves our emotional intimacy.

So science is basically saying accidental naps are making our relationships better? Perfect.