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03rd Apr 2024

Warning to public ahead of scheduled plans to cut social welfare payment this week

Kat O'Connor

Social welfare recipients have been warned in advance

A warning has been shared with the public ahead of plans to halt the Fuel Allowance this week. The social welfare payment is distributed to help people deal with the cost of their heating bills during the winter months.

However, the payment is only available until April.

It is set to cease this week on April 5th.

It is understood that around 411,000 households were benefitting from the payment, but only one person in the house is given the payment.

The payment was rolled out in late September 2023.

People received the Fuel Allowance for approximately 28 weeks this season.

Recipients are given €33 per week. It can be paid every week or paid in two lump sums.

The first lump sum installment was paid in September 2023. The second was paid in January 2024.

Speaking about the payment, Minister Heather Humphreys said: “The purpose of this payment is to assist these households with their energy costs. Only one allowance is paid per household.

“To qualify for the Fuel Allowance payment, a person must satisfy all the qualifying criteria including a means test and the household composition criteria.

“The means test ensures that the recipient has a verifiable income need and that resources are targeted to those who need them most.”

Most people who receive the Fuel Allowance are elderly or on long-term social welfare.