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22nd May 2024

What is a lip flip and how long does it last for?

Kat O'Connor

Everyone is talking about the lip flip

We’re losing track of all the cosmetic treatments and procedures available at the moment.

Every week our TikTok is full of treatments whether that’s a new facial that’ll cost half a month’s wages or the new lip flip everyone is obsessed with.

It’s hard not to get drawn into every treatment and procedure, but the lip flip has caught our attention.

The subtle procedure is reportedly great if you’re not willing to get filler.

But what exactly does it involve?

The non-surgical procedure is a great option for people who want to subtly enhance their lips.

During the procedure, anti-wrinkle injections will be used to boost the appearance of your upper lip.

The injections will be placed into the muscles around your upper lip which is what makes them flip upward.

This helps give your lips a more defined look without the use of filler.

A lip flip helps add volume and definition to your upper lip, but it is only temporary.

The treatment tends to last for around three or four months, but it will need to be topped up after a few months.

According to experts, one of the best things about the lip flip is how you can immediately return to your normal activities afterward.

However, the procedure does come with some side effects because Botox stops your muscles from moving normally.

You may have trouble spitting, whistling, eating with a spoon, and drinking through a straw.

You may also have problems pronouncing certain words and rubbing your lips together.

People have been advised to heavily consider the treatment before getting it.

It may be temporary but it can change the way you look a lot and side effects could impact your day-to-day life.



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