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06th Jun 2024

Suffering from dry skin? This body wash is a game-changer


Brought to you by Dove

Fancy lotion-soft skin after your shower?

If you’re no stranger to dry skin, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, 94% of women have experienced dry skin at some point in their lives.

The thing is, when it comes to caring for our skin, we can’t afford to settle for just any product. We need products that are gentle on our skin, products that will leave us with nourished soft skin, and products we can use secure in the knowledge that they won’t irritate our skin. Thankfully, the latest body wash from Dove offers exactly that.

As its name suggests, Dove Advanced Care Body Wash Collection is Dove’s most advanced body wash to date, and that’s apparent when you use it. This body wash forms a rich, creamy lather in the shower, leaving you with lotion-soft skin for 24 hours.

So, how does Dove Advanced Care Body Wash manage to offer 24-hour lotion soft skin? Well it’s all thanks to Dove’s Micro Moisture Technology, which actively regenerates the skin’s moisture long-term, instead of just offering a temporary hit of hydration. This ground-breaking technology deposits millions of nourishing micro droplets onto the skin, boosting and retaining moisture. These tiny droplets fill in the gaps and crevices of dry skin, leaving you with locked-in moisture and a silky smooth finish. Meanwhile, the stearic and palmitic fatty acids penetrate deeply into the skin, actively regenerating its moisture.

Dove Advanced Care Body Wash doesn’t just deposit moisture, it works with the skin’s natural renewal process to ensure long-lasting nourishment and super soft skin. What’s more, the collection is available in 10 luxurious variants, so you can select the product that will best serve you. These variants are: Dove Nourishing Silk Body Wash, Dove Gentle Scrub Body Wash, Dove Reviving Body Wash, Dove Pampering Body Wash, Dove Rejuvenating Body Wash, Dove Hypoallergenic Body Wash, Dove Pro Age Body Wash, Dove Hydrating Body Wash and Dove Anti Stress Body Wash.

You can expect luxurious levels of shower nourishment from Dove Advanced Care Body Wash, and if you’d like to try it out for yourself, you’re in luck, as a sampling event will take place in Dundrum Town Centre on Saturday June 15th.

If you can’t make it to Dundrum on June 15th, then fret not. You can be transported to a world of nourishing, long-lasting skincare by grabbing a bottle of Dove Advanced Care for yourself, as it is available in selected retailers across Ireland now.