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10th Jun 2024

This is the most simple yet effective skincare routine ‘that actually works’ according to a dermatologist

Sophie Collins

Skincare routine

A common skincare myth is that you need to have an incredibly long and expensive day and night routine if you want to see results

I am a skincare fiend and love trying new products, from face masks to moisturisers and serums.

Like most, I always thought a long and thorough routine would ensure I’m hitting all the skincare bases.

However, Dermatologist Aamna Adel has revealed the “most simple yet effective” routine, and it proves that don’t need to spend a fortune or have ten steps to see results.

Here’s what you need to know:

In a now viral TikTok video, Dr. Adel said: “I’m gonna build you the most simple yet effective skincare routine that actually works with none of the extra steps that you don’t need.

“As a dermatologist, this is everything you need to be doing in your morning and night-time skincare routine to get great skin.”

Morning routine

She starts off by saying your morning routine should begin with a gentle cleanser – but that simply rinsing with warm water will also do the trick.

“Next we’re going to apply vitamin C but make sure you applying it to dry skin then you’re going to apply a moisturiser. 

“If you’re oily or acne prone then go for a gel-based moisturiser, but if you’re a dry skin like me then go to any thicker moisturiser and then lastly your sunscreen.”

Dr. Adel went on to emphasise the importance of bringing your skincare down your neck, and said:

“The most important step of any skin care routine is to make sure we’re taking it all the way down to your neck. 

“If you have oily skin, you can actually skip your moisturiser and just use your sunscreen as both the moisturiser and SPF.”

Nighttime routine

The TikTok famous dermatologist swears by doing one thing at night that will help to transform your skin.

“Coming into a nighttime skincare routine, we need to double cleanse. Double cleansing is an absolute must in your night-time skincare routine,” she explained.

“I cannot tell you how much it’s going to make a difference to the overall quality of your skin so for your first step, you can use something like micellar water or you can use a cleansing balm.

“Then for your second step you’re going to use a water-based cleanser, then you are going to wait for your skin to completely dry. 

“This is so important because the next step that we’re going to do is apply our retinoid.

“Pea sized amount, don’t need any more than that  – using more is not going to make it work better faster. 

“It’s just going to irritate your skin and then lastly finish off with any regular moisturiser.”

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