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12th Jun 2024

Five key summer makeup trends and how to achieve them at home

Niamh Ryan

With concerts, trips away, and staycations all coming up in the months ahead, it’s good to have some summer makeup tips on hand.

Glowy base

They say the key to your makeup sitting right is all in how you prep your skin.

Using a hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid followed by a pearlescent primer will make your skin look radiant.

Source: @haileybieber

Summer makeup is all about golden-hour glow, and wearing dewy and hydrating base products are a sure way to achieve that glow.


Rosy cheeks

I think it’s fair to say that the whole world is currently in their Sabrina Carpenter era.

The star’s makeup is always flawless on stage and off. Blush is her signature look, and she often packs on some extra to get that doll-like look.

Source: @sabrinacarpenter

She’s referenced the Makeup by Mario cream blush as her go-to, but any cream blush will do the trick.

Apply from the temples to the apple of the cheek, and don’t be afraid to use more than you usually would.


Fake freckles

If you’re a pale girl that plans on lathering on the factor 50, you’ll know that it means sacrificing any evidence of actually being in the sun.

Fake freckles are an adorable way to upgrade a natural makeup look, and you can accomplish it with products you already have.

Source: Beauty Crew

Use a fine-tip brown eyeliner pen or bronzer to achieve the sun-kissed look.

You can even use fake tan for a more durable look. Dampen a dense makeup brush so the bristles are spread out. Add a light layer of tan to the brush and dot the freckles over your nose and cheeks.


White eyeliner

This is the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes in a subtle way.

If you have hooded eyes like me, you know the struggle of trying to pull off eyeshadow.

Source: @alixearle

Try applying white eyeliner to your water line and watch how it transforms your eyes to be bigger and brighter.

Add some shimmery eyeshadow in your inner corner to elevate the look even more.


Lip stains

The best summer makeup routines include products you can chuck in your bag and apply anywhere.

Lip stains have been competing with all the other glosses and oils the past few months, but summer 2024 might be their time to shine.

Source: The Diosa Beauty

Lip stains give that perfect ‘barely there’ and effortless look, and you can keep a lip balm on hand for moisture.

Even better, lip stains will survive the many aperol spritzes that summer brings.