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29th Jun 2019

This trick to clean makeup brushes is one of the most bizarre ones we’ve ever heard

Keeley Ryan

Let’s face it, cleaning makeup brushes can be a daunting task – and that’s at the best of times.

And while we’re definitely guilty of leaving it longer than we should between brush cleans, there’s no doubt that we feel absolutely delighted when it’s done.

Everyone has their own preferred method when it comes to washing their beauty utensils, whether it’s using a brush cleaner, shampoo or even running it under a tap and using dish soap.

And thennnnn there’s the whole process of waiting for them to dry so that you can use them again.

the beauty kit

But with summer now in full swing, one clever Facebook user has come up with a way to clean makeup brushes so much quicker.

All you need is a pool noodle.

Yes, you read that right – one of those floppy foam cylinders that people use to swim with or to stay afloat in the pool. Turns out, they’re also pretty handy to help dry makeup brushes.

Earlier this week, a Facebook user named Gail shared a photo of her “brush dryer”: a lime green pool noodle, with fifteen slits cut vertically into it.

Each one holds a freshly cleaned makeup brush upside down, making sure that the bristles don’t get damaged as they dry.

On the other side of the pool noodle, there’s a horizontal cut to make sure the noodle stays on the counter top.

The post quickly went viral after it was shared, eventually ending up on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit. 

One person commented:

“This is how you know you haven’t been drying your brushes correctly…”

Another added:

“This is brilliant idea! Gonna make this holder today. Thank you!”

“The woman is the hero we need,” someone else said.

To be honest, we totally agree.

Now, we’re off to buy a pool noodle…