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17th Apr 2024

‘Am I wrong for telling my daughter her wedding is the joke of the family?’

Anna Martin


Can you imagine having your family criticising your wedding?

You’d hope that even if they weren’t too happy with the goings on of the event, they’d grin and bear it for the sake of your happiness.

Well, one mother decided to tell the brutally honest truth and it seems that some of her concerns about the day were valid.

Explaining how the whole situation arose she took to Reddit writing: “My daughter got married about a year ago. She spent about €20k on her wedding, it was a wonderful experience for her but for all the guests it really sucked.

“All the money went to things the couple would enjoy. The reason it sucked for the guest was due to multiple factors.

“The biggest ones being that guests had to buy food, and drinks, and no entertainment. So people get to the wedding and the ceremony happens. Then they got put into another room after a long day of driving out and didn’t get any food/ drink.”

Not ideal to say the least, but to make things worse the woman explained that they didn’t even have a real cake, it was a fake one for photos.

Needless to say, the whole family didn’t rate the experience and now that the Redditor’s other daughter is getting married she has made it clear she doesn’t want the day to be anything like her sister’s was.

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Continuing her story, the woman wrote: “My other daughter is getting married and asked for my help. Her sister offered to help and my other daughter made it clear she doesn’t want her wedding to be anything like hers.

“My daughter asked what she meant by that and I was honest with her. Her wedding wasn’t a good experience for guests and it is a running joke at this point with family/friends. I thought she already knew since a lot of people hated her wedding.

“This caused an argument and she called me a jerk by the end. I pointed out all the issues we had with her wedding and she thought I was being cruel.”

Now the mother is left wondering if she was in the wrong for dishing a few home truths and Redditors was quick to share their opinions.

“You know what, you were being honest. It’s been a year, it’s fine. She asked and you answered. Maybe could have left out that it was a running joke…” commented one.

Another seemed to think the poster was in the right for not biting her tongue penning: “Spending 20K and not feeding your guests That sure is a bunch of cr*p.

“No, you don’t need to pull punches everyone’s an adult they need to hear the real thing whether it hurts their feelings or not.”

Another supporter of the mother added: “If I showed up to a wedding and it was cash food and cash bar, I’d leave. I have never heard of anything like this.”