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12th Feb 2016

This Tip To Clean Your Makeup Brushes In Seconds Is A Life Saver

No mess, fuss free, get it done. LOVE IT

Sometimes we feel like we need a third day in the weekend JUST to clean our makeup brushes.

From forking out big do-re-mi for expensive cleaners, to scalding yourself with the hot tap, we just keep putting it off.


The THOUGHTS of it. N’able.

This hack, courtesy of the ladies at Cosmopolitan, was very welcome indeed.

Apparently, all we need to do, is wet a bar of antibacterial soap, swirl them around, rinse in cold water and leave to dry “on the edge of a baking tray, so they dry at an angle, bristles down.”

You can grab a bar of anti-bac in any drugstore or supermarket, and for the princely price of around €2.50, where would you be going?!