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08th May 2018

This €17 skincare product is a saviour for acne-prone skin

We've tried this and it's SO good.

Cathy Donohue

A budget buy that is worth every cent.

Anyone who suffers from acne-prone skin will know that it can be very difficult to try and mask it with makeup.

Heavy-duty foundations cake over spots and sheer formulas don’t provide adequate coverage so it can be a struggle to find a base that ticks all the boxes.

You want one which will a) conceal the redness which comes hand-in-hand with spots b) treat the area so it begins to heal and c) find an option that doesn’t cost the earth.

Although there are any number of foundations aimed at oily/combination skin, it can be difficult to find one that manages to do all of the above.

However, so far so good with Bioderma’s Sébium Global Cover which is a bit of a steal at only €17.

It’s just launched and the 2-in-1 product (value for money) conceals spots, treats existing blemishes and blackheads and aims to prevent further skin irritation.

acne-prone skin

Here’s how it works.

“Salicylic acid and AHA esters smooth the skin texture and unblock pores while enoxolone soothes and reduces redness. Zinc gluconate purifies the epidermis and regulates shine. Finally, the addition of glycerin hydrates the skin and guarantees cutaneous comfort”.

The balm, contained in the lid complete with a little mirror perfect for touch-ups, helps conceal redness while the tinted emulsion gives the perfect coverage for everyday wear.

It absorbs 81 percent of sebum throughout the day and (this is what really sold me), shine is reduced by 40 percent ever after twelve hours of wear.

I’ve been using it for a couple of days and it’s already become a handbag hero as you have a concealer, base and mirror that conceal and treat blemishes, all for €17.

It’s one of those products that really works and if you have blemish-prone skin, you’ll want to try it out immediately.