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16th Sep 2015

There’s A New Way To Colour Your Hair And It’s VERY Different

We like the idea behind it!

Cathy Donohue

While we’re familiar with hair foils and balayage, the latest method of colouring hair could be a game changer.

The hand-pressed technique helps to achieve a smooth natural colour blend by swirling different variations of hair dye on a piece of plexiglass.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Redken colourist Chiala Marvici explained how she came up with the idea.

 “I have a painting in my apartment that a friend did for me a while ago that has a lot of colours on it, and I fell asleep one night and dreamt of all these layers of paint living together on one surface”.

The key to getting everything to blend perfectly is using a putty knife which allows the shapes to merge together seamlessly.

“You use a 6-inch-long putty knife and then press the hair into the pattern to saturate the top side of the hair as the colour seeps through your strands” continued Chiala.

The application process is shorter than other colour methods because you’re blending as you go and although the idea isn’t widely available at the moment, Chiala is hoping to change that.

“I’ve been working on this technique for a long time and trying to make it simple to be able to teach it to other colourists” she said in conversation with Cosmopolitan.