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24th Feb 2020

Tried and tested: A teeth whitening treatment at The White House

Teeth whitening made relaxing.

The dentist is far from a pleasant experience and wincing through the entire process is standard – that’s why my recent visit to The White House, located in Brown Thomas Dublin, proved a welcome surprise.

The clinic, which has four locations in Dublin and one in Galway, offers a 45-minute teeth whitening treatment.

Chill out, watch some TV and wait for the gel to do its work, the perfect Friday evening activity really.

While not quite a spa treatment, I left feeling considerably more relaxed than when I arrived.

What I was even more delighted by was the fact that there was zero sensitivity during the entire process, I’ve experienced this on other occasions and it’s far from ideal.

Before the treatment begins, you’re talked through the whole process by one of the dental nurses, hygienists or dentists and using the ‘vita-shade’ scale, you’ll see what your teeth might look like post-treatment.

The idea is to lighten the individual’s teeth by five shades and if this is not achieved, there’s a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Freddy Desmond of The White House explains the process in greater detail:

“We get a lot of customers concerned that the shade will turn out too white… others say that’s exactly what they want, so at The White House our dental professionals will do a free, cosmetic consultation and discuss shade expectations. We can tailor each treatment to meet your needs and always strive to get naturally white results”.

“Our advanced system uses a combination of cold filtered LightBridge LED and Halogen light and ultrasonic technologies. The cutting-edge system is used in combination with patented whitening gels to achieve the absolute highest standard in tooth whitening. This revolutionary product is developed by the global leaders in aesthetic whitening in the United States and is the winner of multiple awards including the dental advisors top in-office whitening system for the last 9 years in a row”.

As mentioned by Freddy, I was one of the people who didn’t want them to make my teeth too white – what I did achieve was a lighter yet very natural shade, exactly what I want at the moment.

I’m currently planning a wedding for June 2021 and while I’m delighted that I have plenty of time to plan, now is the ideal time to think about what type of treatments I might want to try out.

Teeth whitening is key and I figure with regular upkeep between now and then, my smile will be in good shape come the big day itself.

To help with this, White House offers silver particle whitening toothpaste and homecare kits to help maintain the effect for as long as possible.

From now until the end of March, there’s a special offer running where you can book in for the treatment at a cost of €100 (it’s ordinarily €130).

To book online, purchase a voucher or find out more information visit their website on